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Machine does not tool change due to ATC 2nd reference postion out of work envelope on Mitsubishi M3 control

Had a problem on Mitsubishi machine H-5A. When commanding a tool change the tool was called up and placed above the spindle. However the ATC did not exchange the tools and came up with a YZ not at 2nd reference return alarm. The position in the screen had a #2 next to them so they were in fact at 2nd reference. The machine had a Mitsubishi M3 control on it. On this control someone had changed the Zero return position and 2nd reference position. However there is also a fail safe in the control. to prevent excessive changes and keep the zero return within the factory envelope.

All Axis Over Travel - FANUC OM

Upon power-up of my Kitamura MyCenter 1 all axis show over travel limit error in the minus direction. The axis are not on limit switches, in fact they are all closer to the plus switches. With this error the axis will only move plus.. I have checked the panel and all switches seem to be fine. Also all limit switches seem to be ok. Does anyone have another suggestion?

VF1 Spindle

I would like to rebuild the spindle in my VF1 myself. Has anyone done this before?

Bad machine ground connection and how I was able to test it.

The CNC machine I had the problem with was a small Milltronics vertical with a PC based control. The CNC machine had been having a lot of unexplainable problems and alarms. They had swapped servo motors, spindle drives and more. Being that the alarms were far and in-between and inconsistent I decided to inspect the grounding of the machine.

Change fanuc control to allow greater Compensation values in wear offset

On Fanuc 16, 18, 21 controls in order to allow a larger wear offset to be entered in for your tools and change the maximum amount that can be added at one time change Parameters 5013 and 5014.

When zero returning X-axis the machine would come up with a 090 reference return incomplete alarm on a Kitamura Mycenter 2

The CNC Machine was Kitamura Mycenter 2 with a Fanuc O-M control. Everytime the machine X-axis is Zero returned the axis alarms with a 090 fanuc reference return incomplete alarm.

Here is what I checked first

  1. Checked the disgnostic for home switch
  2. Adjusted the gridshift value lower and higher to test
  3. Cleaned the home switch to make sure it was free and dropped off of the dog immediatly
  4. Checked encoder connectors for coolant contamination
  5. Checked connections on Drive
  6. Swapped encoders between X and Y axis


Setting spindle orientation on 15M control after spindle was replaced on a Mori MH63

Upon arrival the spindle was back together. When attempting to orient the spindle I found that the spindle would slow down then take off for another revolution and keep attempting to find home. This type of spindle had a magnetic type block shaped device bolted onto the spindle with a stationary sensor on it. Being that it was a 15 M control all orientaton pots were on the spindle drive. The customer had palyed with the pots to try adjusting with no luck. They had tried swapping the magnetic pickup around but still did not work properly.

Resolution to problem

Alarm 1006 turret number incorrect on a Yang lathe

Problem: Alarm 1006 turret number incorrect on a Yang ML-15A lathe with a fanuc O-T control

Y-axis Excess error and tack generator alarm on a Fanuc O-M control

The alarm was on Y-axis. After staying powered on for about 10minutes machine not even running a Y-axis Excess error and tack generator alarm on a Fanuc O-M control would occur. The drive also showed these LED alarms on them though after testing several times. somtimes only one oe the other LED would be on.

Checked all connections. Looked for maybe a heat problem. Left the cabinet doors open checked fans and connections.

CNC problem resolution

Who am I and what is my technical background

Personal background
Well for my first blog post I would like to tell you a little about myself. I will start with my family since that’s most important in my life. Currently I am Living in the Midwest area in Watertown Wisconsin. I

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