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CNC control locks up during booting on GV-503 with Exception Error 0005E CPPOM30 Alarm 3 on NC

Customer had this problem occur one morning when powering on the machine. The CNC control locked up during Booting with Exception Error 0005E CPPOM30 Alarm 3 on the Main NC unit. The machine was a on GV-503 with a meldas CNC control
First thing with Boot up problems or alarms is to check power supplies and voltages. All looked ok. After looking into it and contacting Mitsubishi as well to pick their brain. We came to the conclusion that it must be the HR171 board. For this one I decided to call mistubishi in to change it out since we were dealing with possible loss of parameter data and such. They have the software to get into the unit and perform a good backup.
After Mitsubishi replaced the HR171 board everything booted normally and machien was back up and running