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Axis drop preventer for all types of CNC machines (at the time of power failure)

Having tool brakage or job damage during POWER FAILURE?

ANSWER: Axis drop preventer.

We manufacture AXIS DROP PREVENTER FOR ALL TYPES OF CNC MACHINES which will prevent the vertical axis from dropping during power failure minimizing the loss and increase in production
The accuracy of our unit is <20 microns
Contact: 097414 97292

How does this work?

Interesting concept that I have never heard of. How does this device actually prevent the axis from dropping? or does it just measure the amount that it drops and flag an alarm that somthing should be done about the braking system??

Axis drop preventer for CNC machines

 The device sensos the three phase inpur voltage of the CNC machine and deactivates the gravity axis brake much faster than the CNC machine. (Less than 01 msec).

The accuracy of the unit during the power failure is less than 20 microns.