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Destar unit lube distribution block typically used in CNC machine applications

Here is the picture of a typical lube metering manifold on cnc machine tools . These are used for ballscrews ways and more.  Here is a description on how these work. Many people do not understand this concept.

When the lube pump turned on. If you were to watch the pressure gauge generally you would see the pressure jump to about 3/4 of max lube pump pressure and hold for a period of time usually about 5 seconds or so. Then you would see it spike to maximum pressure. What is happening during the idle time in the middle is filling up very small chambers in each of the output ports.  This oil in the chamber then is released and output to the system in metered amounts. Ounce maximum system pressure is reached all the chambers are filled.

In order to manually cycle and lube the system there is often a manual button on the lube pump. In order to perform a full cycle then you would have to hold in the button till it reaches max pressure then release and let the pressure drop to zero. Then do the same thing over and over.

If you do not see this change as the chambers are filling up there could be a leak in the system somewhere that is causing the pump never to reach maximum lube pump pressure.

I will mention one other thing that I found many service people do. Which is change lube pump timers. Often the wrong timer is changed. Typically there are two timers. One for the amount of time between running full lube pump cycles and one timer for how long the pump runs during each cycle to make sure all of the chambers are filled.