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Hitachi door to stop spindle from turning when opened-safety issues

Had a customer request making a Hitachi HG400 machine safer and have the spindle stop when the side door opens. I have noticed many Hitachi machines set up this way and had looked into how to make this safer. What I found was a simple easy change that could be made. I traced through the ladder and found  Par 11-0 could be changed to automatically stop the spindle. This had to be changed on the Micon side through the small CRT screen on the side of the electrical cabinet. If there is no switch at all on your machine it may also be added. This might be the same on all the earlier HG series machines as well.

To restart the program from where it left off all you had to do was hit cycle start again. Spindle would start up and continue machining. I am sure there are different ladder revs and different vintage machines so this may not work on all, but at least you would have a start point if your company wanted to make your hitachi machine safer as well.