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Mitsubishi M64 control Corrupt user program memory symptoms

Symptoms of program memory needing to be formated which occured on Mitsubishi M64 control. This happened on Mori seiki GV-503 CNC machine with a meldas 64. Customer said a DOS screen appeared on Bootup once or twice with “ diagnostic code 005 Enter. As well as analyzing data.

  1. Can not edit programs. When trying “ERROR 65” comes up in Mapps light blus box under program being edited. When working correctly and not in edit or key turned should error ”NOT EDITED”
  2. Can not create or delete programs
  3. MDI functions do not work. If put in M6 and pressing start it acts like single block mode but nothing happens. After pushing about 3-4 times the line in MDI will disappear.
  4. Work number search errored when sample program was run and hit M30. Had to reclamp pallet after this.
  5. Program would run in memory mode no problem.
  6. When calling up a program the machine would also display an error but would still call it into memory. 

Solution Reformat program/user memory on mitsubishi control after full machine backup. DO NOT FORMAT PARAMETER AREA. Contact mitsubishi for procedure. Restore program files, offsets, ect. and problem was repaired. Did not find any corrupted programs.

Errors are believed to be from dos of OS2. both 0005 and 65 are access denied errors.