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OKK HM4 spindle replacement

This is a brief description of OKK HM4 spindle replacement. This OKK HM4 spindle is a simple inline cartridge style design.The spindle was fairly easy to replace and would be a great job for a newbie to take on. Below is a brief summary of how to begin this task.

First remove the Y axis waycover. Remove pins that hold both bars with the cam followers on them for tool unclamp. Start with the lower pin first. Remove it and also loosen bolts that go up against the lower pin bushings. Also remove the brackets with the spring on the top side if the spindle. Find the coupling and remove the two bolts to separate the halves. Once this is done. Remove the outer coolant ring on the face of the spindle. Under the coolant ring you will find a ring of bolts holding the spindle in. Remove them and use a pin puller in the face to pull the spindle out. Is pry bars to pull out the rest of the way. Reinstall in reverse order. Set jam screws on lower pin to make both CAM followers hit the unclamp piece at the same time. Then adjust the tool knockout to .5mm with the threaded rod on top of the spindle. Set spindle orientation parameter 4077 and check ATC alignment and make any adjustments necessary.