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Ways to learn and find people with your interests and hobbies

I know this topic is sort of unrelated. But what I have found may interest you in a lot of repects. This weekend I attended something called a barcamp. What it was was a community of web developers and people that enjoy what they do and get together for some brainstorming. The weekend event that I attended was great, completly free and was sponsored by adobe. They supplied food and beverages  for the entire weekend. The people speaking and giving the seminars were not paid a dime and enjoyed doing it for they learned from everyone as well. Topics were discussed like video editing,all adobe products, drupal, and all kinds of interesting topics related to the web industry. 

Here is the link to the milwaukee barcamp which I attended. Milwaukee web Barcamp for barcamps in your area see the main barcamp site Here . This is another great site for everything and is not a dating site!! It is groups of people that get together with the same interests as you in your area.