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When zero returning X-axis the machine would come up with a 090 reference return incomplete alarm on a Kitamura Mycenter 2

The CNC Machine was Kitamura Mycenter 2 with a Fanuc O-M control. Everytime the machine X-axis is Zero returned the axis alarms with a 090 fanuc reference return incomplete alarm.

Here is what I checked first

  1. Checked the disgnostic for home switch
  2. Adjusted the gridshift value lower and higher to test
  3. Cleaned the home switch to make sure it was free and dropped off of the dog immediatly
  4. Checked encoder connectors for coolant contamination
  5. Checked connections on Drive
  6. Swapped encoders between X and Y axis



Swapping encoders revealed that it was somthing to do with the pulse coder. After swapping to the other axis the problem went with the encoder. Replaced encoder and problem was solved.