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I live in a small town in paducah ky, where I just bought a cnc plasma machine and table from Dynatorch.  Im very very happy with my purches and Im already working on orders if everything keeps going the way it is the machine will pay its self off with in the year. The tech support and staff were more then adaquate and very friendly, I wold recordmend Dynatorch to any body and  fully endorse there product.  I fully recomend that every one check out there web sit at

If the RS232 port does not work any more.

What if the RS232 port is bad or not working on your Fanuc control?

Recieved this from a Member of for if you have a bad RS232 Port on a main board or some fanuc controls. Since most fanucs have two ports you can just swap the plug to the other port that is not being used and have a fully functional RS232 port. Then use a different channel for setting your RS232 settings. Wish I would have known this years ago or thought of it.

Fanuc Powermate F alarm 090 224 on machine power up.

A Fanuc Powermate F alarm 090 224 occurred on a customers machine at power up. Had tried to walk him through resetting the powermate home position several times but the original procedure would not work. The 090 and 224 alarm indicates a lost home position. However batteries were ok and they were replaced as a precaution. The problem was that it was impossible to reset the home position and it would not take. Fanuc Powermate drives often are stubborn from my experience when setting there home positions.

301 B axis communication error on fanuc control

301 B axis communication error came up on a fanuc controlled machine that had scales for the B- axis or rotation of table. After troubleshooting everything and getting down to that it had to be the scale. Ordered a new scale and tried it. Unfortunitly the same alarm occured. After looking into the parameters I was able to tell that someone had turned off the scale at one time because all the paramters had told me so except for one. Parameter 1815 bit 1, bit4, and bit 5 were all 1's.

Soft overtravel limit alarms when Zero returning alarms - 500 & 501(soft over travel)

All to often I get phone support calls for soft overtravel alarms on fanuc controls. The soft overtravel limit alarms typically occur after a power outage, hitting an overtravel, or crashing a machine. Many times it is an Alarm 500 nth Axis stroke limit + or 501 nth Axis stroke limit  on the newer fanuc controls 16/18/21.

Definition of a softovertravel or soft over travel limit alarm.

Next tool code positions tool but does not change tool. Help!

We have a Mori Seiki GV-503 5AX with a Meldas M66 control. I want to position the magazine for the next tool. When I write the code shown below, the tool positions at the pot correctly but the tool in the spindle does not change at the next M6. The tool thats in the spindle goes to the tool change position but does not change and continues the program.


Hitachi alarm- " can't cycle start Auto operation

Today had an alarm on a Hitachi VN40II " can't cycle start Auto operation "

Spindle speed bogs down while cutting

I was working an Emag CNC machine the other day. The customer was having problems when they were boring into the part. The spindle would bog down during the cut. When viewing the Spindle actual RPM compared to the commanded spindle speed the actual would decrease to about 1200 from 3000rpm. To try to determine the problem I had a few things I checked first. The tool ins

Tool clamp signal going off during cycle on Mori seiki MH1000

Had a good problem that I chased my tail on the other week.  When the program was running occasionally the machine would alarm out with "tool not clamped". The machine was a Mori Seiki MH1000. I checked the typical prox switch on the back of the unclamp cylinder to make sure it was back which is the only clamp confirmation signal for this machine. I was able to see that it was not back all the way one time during the process. I tried taking a pry bar and to pull the cylinder back and it moved about a 1/8 inch.

Alarm on Hitachi can be tripped by breaker only, but breaker was not tripped.


Hitachi Generic alarm generated.

The alarm that was being generated had no description at all. On this particular Hitachi machine tool you must look at the diagnostic addresses on the Fanuc side which will tell you the alarmed bit. On this machine I had an alarm that could only be generated from a breaker trip circuit according to the electrical prints. However when the alarm occurred the breaker did not trip. I looked at what was in this breakers circuit and found that it was for multiple things. Air cooler exchange fans, cabinet fans, machine light and several other things.

Добро пожаловать в русскозычный блог специалистов по ЧПУ.

This blog is welcomed for all specialists involved in design, building, retrofiting and servicing CNC controls and drives in russian Federation. 

Блог специалистов по системам ЧПУ. Добро пожаловать разработчикам систем ЧПУ, приводов, всем, кто занимается модернизацией, ремонтом и техническим обслуживанием.

Предпочтительный язык русский, английский и немецкий также не возбранются, хотя и не поощряются. Пожалуйста, отвечайте на языке того лица, которому отвечаете. 

Circular interpolation milling has divots in axis quadrants or reversal using G02 and G03 commands

When machining a part using Circular interpolation machine problems can be found.  CNC programming for circular interpolation often uses G02, and G03 for example. Sometimes you can find in the holes that are circular interpolated the parts have slight divots in the quadrants for a particular axis as I found on a recent job. What I found in this scenario was that the ballscrew nut had lost  its preload and had excessive backlash. This type of backlash can not be taken out by a parameter to remove the dimple/divot.

Axis drop preventer for all types of CNC machines (at the time of power failure)

Having tool brakage or job damage during POWER FAILURE?

ANSWER: Axis drop preventer.

We manufacture AXIS DROP PREVENTER FOR ALL TYPES OF CNC MACHINES which will prevent the vertical axis from dropping during power failure minimizing the loss and increase in production
The accuracy of our unit is <20 microns
Contact: 097414 97292

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