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Mandelli Over Woes


Need help with an issue on a rare machine.  I have a Mandelli Over that has shelled the hard drive and does not recognize the bat files after reloading the backup.

We are still fighting issues with the machine and have ordered a used hard drive, cables, and the Italian version of the back ups to see if it will recognize them.

Does anyone have any knowledge of good resources besides Mandelli Support?  Any help would be appreciated.

It has been a good machine overall, just creates a hardship when something goes wrong.

Machine Shop Safety

Optimization and improvement of sidewall belt conveyer

Any products are not immutable, and need to constantly optimized and improved, in order to adapt to market development, to meet the needs of users.

Cleated Conveyer Belts Can Increase Productivity And Profits In Your Business

A cleated belt conveyor system offers a lot of value to the business or industry that takes advantage of its usefulness. Most cleated belts are employed when heavy, numerous, or difficult-to-carry items must be moved from one place to another. These belts can relocate items easily, even if the belts need to go backward or forward at different times. The cleats on one of these belts help to better manage the items on the belts so they stay on the belt.

It is Vital to Use Properly Lubrication of Cement Ball Mill

 Ball Mill is an efficient tool for grinding many materials into fine powder. The Ball Mill is used to grind many kinds of mine and other materials, or to select the mine. It is widely used in building material, chemical industry etc. There are two ways of grinding: the dry process and the wet process. It can be divided into tabular type and flowing type according to different forms of discharging materials.

Conveyer industry is facing opportunities and challenges

From the growth direction of the current development trend of domestic commodity economy and mechanical conveyor manufacturers, conveyer businesses not only face opportunity but also face great challenge. Industry analysis shows, conveyer with the enhancement of the socio-economic applications continues to expand, the conveyer has been widely used in agricultural machinery, construction machinery, instrumentation, petrochemical general electrician electrical and other industries.

Organizational environment of the conveyor system

Conveyor system have an important role in the production process, as the conveyor system is more and more used widely, companies are also more and more install the conveyor system, but not all plants are suitable for installation of the conveyor system. (A) Materials' type is stable and single, large enough to yield, long-term supply unit labor, large enough to ensure that equipment load.

What are the requirements for conveyors tensioning device?

(1) conveyors tensioning device should be fast and reliable; (2) Conveyor Roller's wrap angle is 180, and in parallel with the drum displacement, the tightening force as much as possible through the conveyors roller center, in order to avoid belt tension vary due to its different tension position; tensioning device performance is poor, unreliable work is one of the reasons of China's large belt conveyors accident.

Simple Introduction to Operation Methods of Ball Mill

 ball mill is key equipment to of grinding mill , and the Ball Mill with medium hard is widely used in powder-making production line including cement, silicate, new-type building material, refractory material, fertilizer, ore dressing of ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal, glass ceramics etc. They are manufactured with highest quality material and workmanship; deliver the most efficient, trouble free and economical combination of material ranging from (5-30mm) down to varying product sizes.

Benefits Of Using Materials Handling Equipment In An Industry

Different industries are concerned with undertaking different forms of tasks. Many organizations deal with the transportation and storage of the goods and products. In order to carry bulk amounts of goods, there are various devices that are used. These devices are available with several features and traits that help them in carrying out the tasks of loading and unloading of the varied items. Materials handling conveying equipment, as the name suggests are meant for the same.

How to replace conveyor roller?

After a long time use of Conveyor Roller, if you want to replace the conveyor roller, conveniently and quickly replace the grading conveyor roller and does not affect the progress of the enterprise, you should following the below steps: 1. First, put the rotary vibration conveyor roller laid on the below circle, then stretched tight snare net the next pressure network lap, do note not pull the network was too tight, stretched flat on it.

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